Friday, 2 August 2013

Baby Mice - free pattern

I love mice - the knitted variety that is - I'm not sure about the real variety, I guess I would get a bit panicky if I met one face to face.  But the knitted ones are wonderful.

I have a growing collection of 4 ply wools - mostly Rowan Fine Tweed - such gorgeous tweedy colours.

The colours always look different - better - when they are knitted up than when they are still in a ball.  So I decided to make some little mice - one in each colour, to act as a sample of each colour.

Swatch mice - that's what they are.  Very useful for comparing and contrasting when planning a Fair Isle project.

So far I have made 10 of the little darlings.  I think I still have about 14 to go - but they are so quick and easy to make, I'll soon have them done.

The mouse factory!

If you would like to make your own little mouse - or mice (they always look better in big numbers, I think) then the pattern is available for free, HERE.

I hope you enjoy this pattern, I'll look forward to seeing your projects on Ravelry.


  1. Very cute Janet. Thanks for the pattern!


  2. So cute! They're so small and delicate. I love the photo of them in a colorful circle together. :)

  3. Your mice have won my heart! A big TEXAS thank you. Lucy

  4. Lovely little mice. I really loved your fair isle mouse pattern, so will have to have a go at some of these. They do look lovely all together.

  5. Sooooo cute!
    There is a children's picture book about several different colored mice.
    I used to read it to my kids.
    Making up several of these for play during and after reading would be so wonderful!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Neesie in North Caroline, USA